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Dense Phase- Uses low volume, high pressure or vacuum air to transport materials. This method is commonly used for fragile, or abrasive materials where the relatively low conveying velocities reduce degradation of the product and wear on the system.

Semi Dense Phase- A method of conveying that combines elements of both dilute and dense phase vacuum conveying.

Both rotary and compressed air pumps that have variable flow rates and vacuum levels are used that allow each system to be tailored to a specific product.

Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Airlocks & Blowers Tagged for Shipment

Cereal Pellet Conveying System

AIS Offers A Variety Of Pneumatic Solutions For Your Product Needs

Dilute Phase- Uses high-volume high-velocity air to transport materials that are not fragile, or overly abrasive.

Pressure- Uses a motive air source to generate positive pressure to push the material to its destination.

Vacuum- Uses a motive air source to generate negative pressure in a conveying line that will draw the material into a receiving vessel.